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Easter Treats!

27 Apr

For Easter Sunday I made carrot cake cupcakes with cream cheese frosting and topped them with tiny bunny and chick fondant cutouts. This time I substituted the flour with whole wheat flour and they came out tasting just as great (if not better).

A good lesson learned with this baking experience is that you shouldn’t put the fondant shapes on top of the cupcakes until right before you serve them. Since the temperature really warmed up on Sunday, the fondant bunnies and chicks started to melt away on top of the cupcakes. It was upsetting, but now I know for next time and I will definitely read more about how to prevent fondant from melting or getting too soft.

I also made rice crispy treats in the shape of eggs for the holiday. After seeing a Kellogg Rice Krsipy commercial with them, I thought they’d be a great dessert for Easter, especially since my brother and I don’t actually like hard-boiled eggs. I put sprinkles on some and left others plain. They came out looking really cute!


Perfectly Pink

12 Apr

Inspired by Spring, Crumbs declared it’s Cupcake of the Week this decked out in pink cupcake. It’s a pink vanilla cake topped with pink vanilla cream cheese frosting and trimmed with an assortment of pink and white sprinkles. Nothing like pink overload to get us in the mood for the warmer weather!

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