Rain, Rain Go Away!

5 Apr

As April settles in bringing lots of rainy days, it is hard to stay focused on the exciting days ahead. Easter (one of my favorite holidays) is at the end of the month followed by the busy final weeks of classes and then graduation. While graduating college is upsetting because we must part from the people we’ve spent every wakening moment with for the past four years, I am ready to start a new chapter (whatever it is) in my life.

Anyway, I am trying to see past the rain clouds and look for that single beacon of sunlight; however, it isn’t coming from the sky, so it obviously shines in the form of cupcakes. Each month Georgetown Cupcake bakes up special flavors. This month three additional cupcakes that surfaced the menu are Cherry Blossom, Hummingbird, and Easter.

Cherry Blossom (appropriate for DC’s Cherry Blossom Festival) is a classic vanilla cupcake baked with fresh cherries and topped with vanilla cream cheese frosting. The Humingbird cupcake is made with fresh banana, pineapple, and pecans and is topped with vanilla cream cheese frosting and chopped pecans. The Easter cupcake comes in either vanilla or chocolate and is frosted with green “grassy” icing and a special seasonal bunny fondant decoration.

While the Cherry Blososm and Hummingbird cupcakes resemble other Georgetown Cupcake’s, it is nice to see a little change up with the Easter cupcake. Not only is the frosting bright green,  but also the playful piped icing will definitely stand out among all the other signature swirled cupcakes. So if you’re in the DC or Bethesda area I would suggest picking up these special April cupcakes because they only come out once a year!


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