Easter Eggs. Easter Bunny. Easter Cupcakes?

24 Mar

The Spring season is finally upon us and with Easter Sunday exactly one month away it doesn’t surprise me that Crumbs has released its Easter cupcake collection. These treats are complete with their pastel decorations and will definitely be an Easter dessert pleaser.

With the exception of one cupcake covered in chocolate frosting, pretty in pink vanilla cream cheese heaven tops and fills these chocolate, vanilla, and Peep vanilla cupcakes to perfection. The bunny cookies, mini marshmellows, jelly beans, and colorful sprinkles not only give these cupcakes innocent appeal, but also add to that delicious original Crumbs taste.

These cupcakes are totally fitting for the season and will get you in a great mood (because this rainy weather certainly isn’t helping). The next time I’m home, which coincidently will be for Easter, I will be making a stop at Crumbs to try out some of these signature cupcakes.

The collection is also available in cute minis, so I say get a bunch and whoever finds the most eggs gets an extra cupcake!


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