Tis’ The Season

10 Dec

With the last day of classes behind us it is now definitely crunch time.   Unfortunately for us college students we are forced to share the best time of the year with the worst time of the semester–finals.  Last night was the first time all week I actually got to sit and relax with my roommates.  My roommates and I are stressing and it is hard to keep focused with Christmas just a few weeks away.  My motivation is knowing that the sooner I cross something off my list, the sooner I get to go back home and RELAX!  However, getting there is the hard part.

As a senior this school year has been filled with many lasts.  For once this is one I won’t miss—the last set of finals before Christmas break.  My roommates and I have found that by having some sort of motivation to look forward to helps us get our work done and stay somewhat sane.  Example–making sure at some point this weekend we eat brunch at Miss Shirleys, one of our favorite little restaurants close to campus.  This may be a small pleasure, but little trips away from our books give us a sense of hope and are brief moments where we don’t have to think about tests and papers.

I cannot wait to put this busy semester behind me and go back home in a few days for the holidays.  Finals will be in the past and I will actually be able to enjoy the Christmas season, spend time with my family and friends, and of course bake plenty of Christmas cupcakes!


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