Cupcake Craze

9 Dec

I would say that my craze for cupcakes started a little over a year ago.  I was studying abroad in Florence and on Thanksgiving weekend my friends and I travelled to London and Dublin.  Exploring London for the day we knew we had to visit the heaven that is Harrods.  When entering we were overwhelmed.  Harrods is a department store in its own league and being decorated for Christmas just added to its awesomeness.  So after getting lost in the store for an hour wanting everything we saw, my friends and I found a cupcake bakery located near the coffee, tea, and chocolate section.  Since I couldn’t afford anything on the main levels, I settled for a simple vanilla cupcake with green frosting and butterfly sprinkles.  Not being hungry at the time I got it to go in a little plastic container andI carried that cupcake with me for the rest of the night.  The next morning (around 5 am) when we went to the airport to fly over to Dublin we were exhausted.  Once we finally made it through the strict security line and found a table to crash at I decided it was time.  I grabbed an iced coffee from Starbucks and paired it with my cupcake for breakfast.  Looking back not the healthiest breakfast, but tired in an airport that early in the morning it definitely put a smile on my face.

I didn’t realize it then, but my Harrods experience definitely paved the way for my love of cupcakes.  Now baking every chance I get when I am home, I love how creative cupcakes can let us be.  Whether making my own or visiting my favorite cupcakery Crumbs, I love the power of cupcakes and how they put a smile on my face and many others.  It’s amazing how a small round piece of cake with frosting has evolved into a trend and with more and more cupcake bakery’s popping up I think they are here to stay.


Harrod's Cupcakes



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